Top Surgery

Top surgery, also known as chest masculinisation or chest feminisation surgery, is a significant procedure for individuals seeking to align their physical appearance with their gender identity. For transgender men, it typically involves removing breast tissue to create a more masculine chest contour. Conversely, for transgender women and some non-binary individuals assigned male at birth, it may involve breast augmentation to achieve a more feminine chest contour. However, top surgery isn’t exclusive to transgender individuals; cisgender men and women may also undergo it for reasons such as reducing excessively large breasts in men or enhancing breast size in women. Regardless of gender identity, top surgery is a deeply personal decision requiring careful consideration and consultation with medical professionals. While there’s been growing recognition of the importance of access to top surgery, barriers like cost and insurance coverage persist, underscoring the ongoing need for advocacy and support within the healthcare system. Here at SMP Atelier – Scalp Micropigmentation and Medical Tattooing based in Scotland and Canterbury I take great pride in providing the best service and most realising areola and nipple tattoo. 

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