Powder brows

Powder brows create a fuller, block brow appearance and are achieved using a machine to create an ombre or powder effect, rather than individual hair strokes like microblading.

We recommend powdered brows for individuals with oily or mature skin, or those desiring a fuller look.

The ombre effect involves darker tails that gradually fade to a lighter shade at the start of the brows, resulting in a subtle appearance. Powdered brows evenly distribute ink throughout the entire brow. Ideal candidates for powdered brows are those who already have hair but fill it in with makeup. For those with thinner brows, additional hair strokes can be added afterward for added texture. Powdered brows typically last longer than microblading.

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Ombre Powder



Colour Top Up


If required within 4-6 weeks from initial treatment

Colour Boost


Annual touch up for existing customers only